Hello Oliver.

Its very difficult to distinguish between Unix groups of users using Handlers
or Realm. Handler and realm only have the attributes of the incoming request to
work with. I think the right answer for you is to set up a users file that
authenticates through Unix, and uses check and reply items for each group.
Something like this:

        <AuthBy FILE>
                Filename xyzzy

# This one is used by AuthType=System
<AuthBy UNIX>
        Identifier System
        Filename /etc/passwd
        GroupFilename /etc/group

And in the users file xyzzy:

# Limit of 5 sim-use to anyone in group1
DEFAULT AuthType=System,Group=group1,Simultaneous-Use=5

# Limit of 2 sim-use for anyone in group2
DEFAULT AuthType=System,Group=group2,Simultaneous-Use=2


Hope that helps.


On Jun 8, 10:59am, O Stockhammer wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) (Radiator) Setting up radius.cfg for Groups
> Hello,
>       With the flexibility of radiator, I wanted to know if you
> suggested a method of implementing different session characteristics for
> different unix group members.  I know we have to use 'check items' but I
> am unsure of how to insert them in the cfg file.
>       For example,  we would like to use the 'maxsessions 1' for the
> 'nodup' unix group, while everyone else coming in should be set to
> 'maxsessions 5'.  I am hoping to implement this in the radius.cfg file
> using something like a <Handler> tag.  I am just unsure as to where this
> info should go in the the actual file.
>       I have attached part of my current (rudimentary) radius.cfg file.
> The way we are setup is to have all accounting go to mySQL and
> authentication first goes off of a UNIX master.passwd file and then to a
> users file.  Ipass will be a future consideration.
>       Thanks for your help.
> Oliver Stockhammer
> Systems
> Internet Channel
> [ Attachment (text/plain): "radius.cfg.partial" 6571 bytes
>   Character set: US-ASCII
>   Partial radius.cfg
>   Encoded with "base64" ]
>-- End of excerpt from O Stockhammer

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