My first post here.
I'm making myself familiar with Radiator and so far so good.
But something quite silly happend just now. Dunno, maybe I'm too
tired already.
What happened is (and still happen) that I just wanted to place
my Radiator logfile and accounting detail files to different places
in the file system. So made something like this

# Global conf
LogDir /acct
DbDir /usr/private/etc/raddb

LogFile /export/private/etc/raddb
# /usr/private slinked to /export/private
# maybe I'm too stupid about UNIX but symbolic links have always
# worked for me

        <AuthBy FILE>
        <AuthBy UNIX>
        Identifier Unix-PW
        Filename %D/shadow
        AcctLogFileName %L/%N/detail

Simple, heh? But first I noticed that AcctLogFileName didn't work -
logfile was generated to /acct/logfile instead of %D/logfile
So I just fiddled with - renaming logfile to another filename eg.
testlog in conf file, trying different folders, different places in
radius.cfg, different special characters, HUPed and killed radiusd,
Outcome mostly was that logfile was put into LogDir
One of the results at the same time was something like this -
made change to filename logfile -> testlog, first killed and started
radiusd - nothing, then after that HUPed radiusd and there it was -
testlog in the right place... Dunno, something to do with caching?
Ok, I don't know how but now I have logfile with a right name and in
the right place...
So, got to checking if detail files work and they didn't!
I'm probably missing something very obvious here.
Maybe somebody can help?

Kalev Nurklik
MicroLink Online
Sakala 19, 10141 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel: +372 6 308 909
Fax: +372 6 308 901

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