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On Jun 10,  8:58am, Roberto Carlos Navas wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) 2 radius servers
> Hello, I have radiator installed on a new server, doing accounting and
> authentication against a Mysql db, but I also have my old server running a
> customized version of radiusd (not radiator) doing authentication and
> accounting to UNIX passwd and shadow, the problem is, that i want my CISCO
> access server to authenticate against my radiator server, and if it fails
> (reject or ignore) then move on to the other server. is it possible?
This is usually done by configuring your NAS to use primary and secondary
radius servers.

If your NAS does not support primary/secondary radius servers, then one answer
is to interpose another Radiator between your NAS and the other servers.

However, it is quite easy to configure Radiator so that it will look first in
SQL, and then (if the user is not found) look in a shadow password file. So it
would let them in if they were either in SQL or shadow. That might be a better

> The other question is... what happens when in a <AuthBy SQL> clause the user
> is not found in the database.. is it rejected or ignored... if so, how to
> change that behavior?
The only way to change that bevaviour is by changing the code.

Hope that helps.


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