We are just finishing our new Radmin product, and will need some beta testers

Radmin is a Radius user administration package that works with Radiator. It is
definitely NOT a billing system: its probably most useful for administering
users in an intranet, or other non-paid-for access system (maybe NOC, staff

It has a web-based interface that allows you to:

- Add, change and remove users (supports auto password generation in multiple
formats, static IP addresses, pre-allocated time, lockout after multiple bad
passwords, account expiry etc).
- Search for users
- drill down to accounting details
- get modem usage reports
- check error log
- etc

Works with any SQL database
AuthBy RADMIN module available for Radiator integration
Full source
Runs on any Unix, Win95/98 NT

We need about 2 testers soon (starting within the next week). Testers would get
an 80% discount on the list price if they decide to purchase on commercial
release. We need people who will test it reasonably thoroughly, work with us to
identify problems or add features, and then provide a detailed report at the

Please email me directly if you are interested.

Mike McCauley                               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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Radiator: the most portable, flexible and configurable RADIUS server 
anywhere. SQL, proxy, DBM, files, LDAP, NIS+, password, NT, Emerald, 
Platypus, Freeside, TACACS+, PAM, external, etc etc on Unix, Win95/8, 
NT, Rhapsody
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