>> sh: somecommunity: command not found
>So, that last line is actually printed out by snmpget or Radiator?
I am not sure.  It looks like a shell error.  Just as if I typed somecommunity at the 
prompt and bash gave that error.

>> So it looks like radiator is not parsing the config file correctly because it
>thinks the community 'somecommunity' is a command, not part of the
>SNMPCommunity setting.  More
>> likely is that RedHat is using some weird version of snmpget.
>Did you specify SNMP version 1? Radiator only supports version 1. Perhaps the
>new snmpget has a different default version?

I created an alias: alias snmpget="snmpget -v 1" and changed the SnmpgetProg variable 
to: SnmpgetProg   snmpget.  Same error.  


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