> I have been asked to implement Radiator on a site using an LDAP server as
> a user database. They have some extra requirements:
> 1 On succesful login the current time has to be put in an attribute in the 
> users entry
> 2 While the user has an active session the ip address he was allocated has
> to be available in an attribute in his entry.
> Are these extras possible using a vanilla Radiator or do I have to modify
> it ?? If I need to modify it what would the logical way to implement the
> be ?? 
They are certainly possible doing a postauthhook. This can be done without
modification. However please do think this over a second time. LDAP is
optimized for reading, not for writing. It's very possible that the updates are
not available until a long time after your 'insert' statement. Especially the
OpenLDAP server is very slow in updates on the directory. This might defeat the
purpose of storing the information. When doing synchronous updates, your
authentication process may come top a halt waiting for the updates to be
Mind you, the IP and time of authorization are also available in the accounting
logs. Maybe you could arrange some other contruction?

>      Paul

-- Joost.

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