Hi Jeremy,

On Jul 1,  1:02pm, Jeremy Burton wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) SocketQueueLength
> Hi all,
>       Just wondering if anyone here has played around with SocketQueueLength?
> We are having some serious performance problems with Radiator- it doesn't
> seem to even be receiving a heap of our requests - resulting in the users
> connection being dropped. We would have a play with the SocketQueueLength,
> except no where can I find what the default is. Our radius servers are
> boxen, one x86 and one SPARC. If someone would be able to fill us in on what
> the default is, I'd be most appreciative.

>From memory, the Solaris default is about 100k, but Im not sure.

But, its usually the case that performance problems originate elsewhere, rather
than in the queue length. Increasing the queue length might improve your
performance only by masking some other problem.

Can you send to me an exceprt from your Radiator log file at trace level 4,
that might show the casue of your performance probs.


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