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On Jul 1, 11:50am, John Coy wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Accounting to SQL w/out authenticating via SQL
> Is there a way to configure Radiator to log accounting
> records to SQL without requiring authentication to
> occur via SQL?  I have radiator configured for Proxy
> for several realms, but I'd like to capture the accounting
> records for those realms into an SQL (Oracle) database.
> The manual for <AuthBy SQL> is unclear if you can just
> use that for accounting.

Yes, no problem. If you define AuthSelect to be empty, then SQL will not do
authentication at all (it will REJECT), eg:

<Realm whatever>
        AuthByPolicy ContinueAlways
        <AuthBy SQL>
                # Disable authentication

                # But do accounting
                AccountingTable ACCOUTNING
                AcctColumnDef   USERNAME,User-Name

        <AuthBy RADIUS>
                Host xx

Hope that helps.


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