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On Jul 6,  8:33am, Simon Lindsay wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) DataTraffic
> Hi All,
> We're a new Radiator user, and theres only on thing i'm lacking before it
> goes live, we've hacked our own auth module requirements, but we have one
> more need, and i'm wondering if anybody else has already done it ;-)
> Our old system would update the datatraffic table in our mysql database
> upon disconnection of each individual user, whereas with radiator, we'll
> need to ru nthrough once a day, calculate daily usage per user and add it
> into our seperate datatraffic table which is used for billing.
> My request:
> Has anybody written such a beast, preferably in perl, preferably
> connecting to a Mysql database?
> PS. Unless theres a way to 'hook' into the accounting stop request, while
> still processing the original request in the normal manner?

Yes, there are two ways you can do this:

1. Use AcctSQLStatement, which sets an arbitrrary SQL ststement that will be
run for each accounting request ytou received (subject to AccountingStartsOnly
and AccountingStopsOnly)

2. Add a PreAuthHook or PostAuthHook that will find the <AuthBy SQL> clause and
then get it to do() your additional SQL statement.

Hope that helps.


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