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On Jul 6,  8:59pm, Wilbert de Graaf wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) PreAuthHook: add_attr -> can't call add_attr() on unbl
> I'm trying to add a name-value pair to a request just before authentication
occurs. The documentation of radiator has an example:
> <Realm>
>     PreAuthHook sub { $_[0]->add_attr('test-attr', 'test-value'); }
>     <AuthBy LDAP>
>         ...
>     <AuthBy>
> </Realm>
> Without the PreAuthHook, everything is working fine, but when I run a test
with this statement, the logfile says:
> ERR: Error in PreAuthHook(): Can't call method "add_attr" on unblessed
reference at (eval 190) line 1.

The problem is that contrary to the documentation, you need to access $_[0]
like this:

PreAuthHook sub { ${$_[0]}->add_attr('test-attr', 'test-value'); }

Apologies, the doc is fixed for the next release.


> I tried to put PreAuthHook on different places, but no luck. I also tried
code like
>     PreAuthHook sub {   my($p); \
>                         bless($p); \
>                         $_[0]->add_attr('test-attr', 'test-value'); }
> but then the logfile says it cannot reach class through "Handler.pm". I tried
"use Radius::AttrVal" on top of "Handler.pm" but that didn't work either.
> Can anyone tell me what it is I'm missing (besides this running) ?
> - Wilbert
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