(Mike: Thanks, the ${$_[0}}->add_attr(..., ...) works perfect.)
We're experimenting with the Cisco service selection gateway (SSG) for ADSL. The SSG is a router and a radius client. Depending on some vendor specific attributes, it sets up some routes per subscriber (client ip-address). So the vendor specific attributes that are sent back to the radius client should be different per subscriber.
We store our subscribers in some ldap server. We could add these vendor specific attributes in some attribute, and specify that attribute in ReplyAttr, although this might not be a good idea. What would be perfect is to store a subscriber in ldap like:
dn: cn=user,ou=adsl,o=we,c=NL
ssgServices: svc1;svc2
...: ...
where the attributes ssgServices holds the subscribed services (paths to ISP's). Radius would have to translate this string (or multi-valued attribute) into vendor specific attributes. Is this possible ? Or is there some other solution ?
- Wilbert

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