We have the same problem at one ISP. We have even have to store different encrypted passwords (eg. Irix, Solaris, Netscape ...) into an LDAP directory to be able to authenticate all of them using this LDAP server. And for chap, we needed to store the plaintext too.
Probably the easiest move is to store plaintext in there, if you have them. (It makes sense to store the plaintext password (or you at least have the possibility to decrypt it) in a billing system. Than you can always switch from system A to B.)
- Wilbert
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From: Young, Tim <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: woensdag 7 juli 1999 21:51
Subject: (RADIATOR) Encrypted passwords and CHAP

Currently we store our passwords in a SQL (mySQL) database and they are
stored using UNIX crypt password format.

I now have a need to support CHAP authentication using this existing

Does anyone have any ideas on how this might be done?

Thanks in advance,

Tim Young
Compuware Corporation

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