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> Subject: (RADIATOR) accounting
> Hi
> Can anyone give me an example of how to log accounting to an
> microsoft SQL-database
Are you running Radiator on NT?

1. Create a database and tables, see the example in goodies/sybaseCreate.sql
2. Create a SQL login and passwrod to access that database
3. Install ODBC
4. Create an ODBC DSN to connect to the databse you made in 1
5. Configure your Radiator something like this:


    AuthByPolicy ContinueAlways
    # Just save accounting to SQL
    <AuthBy SQL>
        # Adjust DBSource, DBUsername, DBAuth to suit your DB
        DBSource        dbi:ODBC:yourdsnname
        DBUsername      username
        DBAuth          login

        # No authentication

        # You may want to tailor these for your ACCOUNTING table
        AccountingTable ACCOUNTING
        AcctColumnDef   USERNAME,User-Name
        AcctColumnDef   TIME_STAMP,Timestamp,integer
        AcctColumnDef   ACCTSTATUSTYPE,Acct-Status-Type
        AcctColumnDef   ACCTDELAYTIME,Acct-Delay-Time,integer
        AcctColumnDef   ACCTINPUTOCTETS,Acct-Input-Octets,integer
        AcctColumnDef   ACCTOUTPUTOCTETS,Acct-Output-Octets,integer
        AcctColumnDef   ACCTSESSIONID,Acct-Session-Id
        AcctColumnDef   ACCTSESSIONTIME,Acct-Session-Time,integer
        AcctColumnDef   ACCTTERMINATECAUSE,Acct_Terminate-Cause
        AcctColumnDef   NASIDENTIFIER,NAS-Identifier
        AcctColumnDef   NASPORT,NAS-Port,integer
        AcctColumnDef   FRAMEDIPADDRESS,Framed-IP-Address

    # Authenticate from NT (or whatever you like)
    <AuthBy NT>
        Domain whatever

If you want to get to MS-SQL from Unix, check the Radiator FAQ at

Hope that helps.


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