I am trying to set up Radiator to control duplicate logins. I only
have read access for Radiator in my Max and TNTs.

I have this in my config file for testing it:

SnmpgetProg        /usr/bin/snmpget
<Client DEFAULT>
    Secret                "mysecret"
    DupInterval       0
    NasType            AscendSNMP
    SNMPCommunity    "mycommunity"
# I am sharing the online directory between two radiator servers
<SessionDatabase DBM>
     Filename        %D/online/online
</SessionDatabase DBM>
     MaxSessions    1

In the logfile (debug) I see this:

DEBUG: Checking if user is still online: AscendSNMP, test,,
20219, 275607700
DEBUG: Child reaped
DEBUG: Session for test at has gone away

...and the it connects the user. I tried it several times with a the
username test and it always allowed me duplicate logins.

Sometimes I get the error: "There is no such variable name in this MIB. This
name doesn't exist: enterprises.529."
I think that is normal if a user disconnected, right?

In the logfile I am also getting lots of:

WARNING: No such attribute Timestamp

...any ideas of what is this? how can I fix that?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Hector Lopez

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