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Subject: (RADIATOR) Config HELP

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>Subject: (RADIATOR) Config HELP
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>I need a config for the following
>ANYONE that logs into the system with a [EMAIL PROTECTED] has their
>accounting and authentication sent to a central radius server (IP:
> for example)
>if the user does not login with [EMAIL PROTECTED] but rather
>just username and password then their username is checked against RODOPI (or
>the local radius server)... could someone
>please provide me with a config that does this ... thanks!!

# first check [EMAIL PROTECTED]
<Realm domain.com>
        <AuthBy Radius>
                Host  192.1689.0.34
                Secret somesecret

#then check users with no realm (note the example in goodies/rodopi.cfg)
        <AuthBy Rodopi>
                DBSource dbi:ODBC:Rodopi
                DBUsername Rodopi
                DBAuth rodopi


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