I have successfully created a database call ACCOUNTING on my SQL server with
all the tables I need ...

how can I make it authenticate via RODOPI as usual and also send just the
accounting records to another database (while still sending them to my
rodopi database also)

my config which works fine is

                DBSource        dbi:Sybase:rodopi
                DBUsername      Rodopi
                DBAuth          xxxxxxxxxx

I would also like to send the following to another database called

AccountingTable ACCOUNTING
        AcctColumnDef   USERNAME,User-Name
        AcctColumnDef   TIME_STAMP,Timestamp,integer
        AcctColumnDef   ACCTSESSIONTIME,Acct-Session-Time,integer
        AcctColumnDef   NASPORT,NAS-Port,integer
        AcctColumnDef   FRAMEDIPADDRESS,Framed-IP-Address

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