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On Jul 19, 12:29pm, Bill wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) A few configuration questions
> I'm in the process of moving from Merit Radius to Radiator, and have the
> following requirements:
> 1. any login's of "guest" should be Rlogin'd to a specific machine with the
> username 'guest'

You should be able to move your current guest user entry from Merit directly to
Radiator user file.

> 2. username@shell should Rlogin to a specific IP, as the username.
> Do I handle this with a seperate realm like '<Realm /shell/>',
> or am I going about it all wrong?  Assuming this is right, how to
> I add the Attributes to the return packet?
I guess you mean "anyone who logs in as xxx@shell"? you wnat to authenticaet
them in the usual way, but to firce some special reply items that wil give them
a shell session?
You should proably do something like this:

<Realm shell>
        <AuthBy whatever>

                # Specail shell reply items here:
                AddToReply  attr=valu,attr=val

> 3. I would like to <AuthBy SYSTEM> with /etc/shadow under Solaris,
> right now I'm doing testing with <AuthBy UNIX> but our shadow file
> is 12000+ lines and it takes too long to re-read it.
> ftp://dagobert.eur.nl/pub/homebrew/Shadow-0.01.tar.gz is missing, where can
> I find Shadow-0.01.tar.gz?
Copy attached.
A web search for a more recent version might be an idea?

> 4. Framed-IP-Address, Framed-IP-Netmask and Port-Limit(and probablly some
>    attributes) need to be read from our current users file.

They should move across from Merit without modification.

> I'm starting to under stand the configuration in bits and pieces but if
> someone could give me a rough overview of how to fit all of this together
> it'd be much appreciated.

Radiator is completely compatible with Merit user files, so all you shold have
to do is to set up an <AuthBy FILE> pointing to your existing Merit user file.


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