I used a radius users file and buildsql to import uses into my
mysql database....shouldn't some of the things in CheckAttr go
under Reply Attr?

CheckAttr: User-Service = "Framed-User",Framed-Protocol =
"PPP",Framed-Routing = "None",Framed-Route = "None",Framed-IP-Address =
"",Framed-IP-Netmask = ""

ReplyAttr: Framed-Compression = "Van-Jacobson-TCP-IP"

2nd question...would it be possible to just delete CheckAttr and Reply
out of my database and make seperate entries for each attribute I
want to use. Then I can use PHP3+html to modify each individual item
if needed.

What would happen If I just deleted everything and used User,Pass, and

I'm using PM3's and USR HiPer Arcs.

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