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On Jul 21,  1:49pm, Gary wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Multiple instances of the same username ??
> Many thanks to those that are helping me on the Tigris issue...
> Now is it possible to have multiple instances of the same username but
> different "passwords in radius ??
> username      Calling-Station-Id=12345678
> &
> username      Calling-Station-Id=45678899
> Or will radius just see the first if its the second and just bomb out
> authenticating on the second ??
The username is a unique key, so its not possible to have 2 user entries with
teh same username.

As Tom Minchin pointed out, if these are really the same user, you can have a
regexp in the check items:

username        Calling-Station-Id=/12345678|232323232/


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