On Tue, Jul 20, 1999 at 09:46:41AM -0700, Robert Mann wrote:

> We use Sparc 5's with Solaris for our radiator radius servers and of
> course NT for our database servers (Due to Platypus).

i don't use platypus, but i'm assuming it can make use of any ODBC DSN.
if not, then ignore the following.

if so, then why not use postgresql or mysql on a solaris or linux box
for the database server? both of these have good ODBC drivers for NT and
95/98 (well...as good as ODBC gets anyway).

much easier to work with and less hassle to administer than MS SQL. and
most importantly, your data isn't trapped on an NT system - you can
access it from any platform with just plain perl (and other languages),
without having to use crappy ODBC.

...just an idea, use it or not as you please.


Craig Sanders
Systems Administrator
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