On Thu, Jul 22, 1999 at 03:58:54PM +0200, Ben-Nes Michael wrote:
> But if the FR got up again can the Radius check if the users are still there ?

No, (unless the period of outage is very short and the NAS is still sending
retransmitted stops to the RADIUS server - most NAS have a limit on how many
they'll send - although I've seen a Portmaster PM3 sending a few thousand).

Once the NAS is able to talk to the RADIUS server again, all Stops/Starts
will be checked against what it remembers. It'll never know who started (
although it's unlikely anyone will Start whilst the RADIUS server is 
unreachable), and it will never know who Stopped while the link was down.

However, if you use the SNMP (or other) checking you can recover from this
situation without manual intervention.


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