On Fri, Jul 23, 1999 at 08:17:00AM +0000, Brad Vonarx - AAPTN VicOne wrote:
> Has anybody dealt with this issue ? I have Access Servers Australia wide,
> however Radiator servers in Melb and Syd only.....I need to display the
> time the caller connected locally not the Radiator local time. Then the
> issue gets more complicated during daylight savings time, any Ideas ?

We use an oracle database for auth/acct - and also have NASs all over the 
country with AAA here in Melbourne. Whilst we don't do accounting in local
timezones, we do restrict users login times in local timezones - I got
this working through an oracle stored function which just adds the timezone
onto the time ... you could probably do something similar...

insert into radacct (..., logoff_time,...) values (..., 
add_timezone(timehere, nas_ip), ....) 
/* Can't remember the % macros for time and nas_ip */

this uses a list of nas_ips to correct for timezone - you could probably have
another table with locations of each nas - then have a script which updated for
daylight savings on a given date(s)... of course this assumes you're using 
an SQL DB which has stored function support :)


Jeremy Burton
Database Administrator, Netspace Online Systems

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