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On Jul 21,  8:18pm, Paul van der Zwan wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Radius stress test anyone ??
> I am looking for a stress test for a radius server.
> Using radpwtst on a single host I see 2 requests/sec serviced by the
> radiator server ( which is > 95 % idle).
> Does any of you know of a fast client which can really load the
> server, I would like to put a load of at least 10 and pref. 25
> on the server..

We do our testing using radpwtst. The -iterations flag tells it to send n sets
of requests one after the other.

You have to be careful to run it from another, preferably faster, machine
otherwise you end up testing the performance of radpwtst instead of radiusd.

BTW, dont forget to check the performance hints in the reference manual.


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