I'm trying to customize radiator for my needs, but I need to do some
complex operations (more than one query during auth process, evaluate a lot
of conditions during auth, customize Replies with "No more time left" or
"Account expired" or "Port not allowed" or other messages).
I've done some of theese things with PostAuthHook, but i neet to know the
content of my userbase (i'm using mysql).

For example...

PostAuthHook sub { my $tipo_richiesto = ${$_[0]}->get_attr('Service-Type'); \
                   my $tipo_utente = USER-SERVICE-TYPE-ON-DATABASE; \
                if ($tipo_utente != $tipo_richiesto) { \
  ${$_[1]}->add_attr('Reply-Message' , 'Type of service not allowed for
this user'; }}

Regards, Fabrizio Cuseo

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