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On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, ryanm wrote:
> Hi Hugh,
> How exactly could this be accomplished?? I am looking at 6.12.10 and
> wondering how if the user exists in my full-access file I can pass
> back a different Session-Timeout if it is between 12 a.m. and
> 6 a.m. Any ideas or suggestions?? If you have an example that would
> be very helpful.

What I would suggest is that your PostAuthHook function check the local
time and based on that, return a reply item Session-Timeout of 2 hours between
6am and midnight, and a Session-Timeout of 4 hours otherwise. Note that
Session-Timeout is implemented differently (or not all) on different platforms,
so you should do some checking first to make sure that this will do what you
want. If Session-Timeout doesn't do the job, then you will have to resort to
some form of periodic scan of your online users and forcibly terminate sessions
that reach their limit.



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