Hi Jamie -

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Jamie Orzechowski wrote:
> I have just setup proxying and I am testing it from a remote location ...
> the access request arrive in my radius logfile but it does not let allow me
> to login in .. here is what I get the in the logfile
> Wed Jul 28 15:29:12 1999: NOTICE: Request from unknown client
> ignored
> Wed Jul 28 15:29:15 1999: DEBUG: Packet dump:
> *** Received from port 1645 ....
> etc
> etc...

You will need to configure the remote proxy agent as a Client, just like your
other clients (and make sure the Secrets match):

# Configure remote host as a client 
# where remote.proxy.agent = hostname or IP address

 <Client  remote.proxy.agent>
        Secret .....



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