On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, tom wrote:
> I put the following in <Realm DEFAULT> right
> before the <AuthBy> clause.
>     PreAuthHook sub {
>       open(L, ">> /tmp/tmp.log");
>         printf L "(%s)\n", $_[0]->getUserName();
>       close(L);
>     }
> And I don't see any tmp.log file get created. What did I 
> do wrong?

Here is an example from the FAQ (which uses a file, but you don't have to).

Notice that $p must be de-referenced:  my $p = ${$_[0]}; (there was an error in
the documentation about this that has now been corrected).

<Realm xxxxx>
           PreAuthHook      file:"preauthhook"

And in the file preauthhook: 

          my $p = ${$_[0]};

          return unless $p->code() eq 'Access-Request';

          my $username = $p->getAttrByNum($Radius::Radius::USER_NAME);
          my $nasaddress = $p->getAttrByNum($Radius::Radius::NAS_IP_ADDRESS);
          my $timestamp = time;
          # etc;

          if (open(LOGFILE, ">filename"))
                  print LOGFILE "$timestamp:$username:$nasaddress\n";



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