> > Where user connection times are displayed, currently they are in seconds. It
> > would be more useful if they were displayed in a HH:MM:SS format.
> >
> > Where inbound and outbound traffic is displayed, currently it is in bytes. It
> > would be better if it were displayed in a format of MB's with three decimal
> > digits, ie 124.123 MB is much easier for me to read than 124123876 bytes.
> Both good ideas, and Devin's suggestion on configurable formats too. I have
> made the changes for the next release. For those who are really interested, the
> changed files are attached. There are a few. You will need to put them the
> appropriate places in your distribution and reinstall.

I've saved the attached files and put them in the appropriate source directory and
reinstalled. The Radmin displays still looks the same, time in seconds, traffic in
bytes. I've checked that the files have been installed in the right places. Is
there a file which I need to edit in order to specify the format for the time and

Regards.   Paul

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