On Wed, Aug 04, 1999 at 01:58:50PM +0300, Adam wrote:
> Hi all
> I really hope i can find answers to my problem, so please anybody with any
> idea HELP...
> we have here Cisco 5200 with IOS 11.3T release7 and Cisco 3640 with IOS
> 11.3T release9 we configure the Radiator and its working great but we are
> facing one problem...
> We want to automatically disconnect users basing on how much time they have
> left, so we are sending session-time out like this:
>       <AuthBy SQL>
>               AuthSelect select Password,TimeBalance from users where
>  username='%n'
>               AuthColumnDef 0,Password,check
>               AuthColumnDef 1,Session-Timeout,reply

Try using Ascend-Maximum-Time instead. That worked for us (and Session-Timeout


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