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On Thu, 05 Aug 1999, Aaron Holtz wrote:
> I seem to be getting some accounting records from my Ascends that do not
> include the User-Name attribute (I think they are dropped connections or
> some type of report from the Ascend.)  I have my handlers setup to only
> take requests from usernames that are valid as I seem to get a lot of
> "garbage" requests from misbehaving units and I don't want to even parse
> them.  But I would like to log the Ascend logs that come in, but they
> never match any handler I have as no User-Name attribute is in there. What
> I'd like to do is create a handler that works with these records. Will the
> following make a match on a request where NO User-Name attribute is sent
> or will it only match a User-Name attribute that exists, but is empty?
> <Handler Realm="", User-Name="">
> </Handler>
> I can't seem to find another attribute in the record that is unique to it
> and isn't included in a "good" looking accounting request.  Any thoughts
> are appreciated on how I can handle these.

I would be inclined to put an empty Handler after all your other Handlers 
(note that Handlers are checked sequentially until there is a match):

# This will catch anything else after all other Handlers are checked

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