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On Sat, 07 Aug 1999, Neale Banks wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently we have Radiator logging accounting records to flat file.  This 
> works and needs to stay that way.
> We now need to also relay (proxy?) the accounting records to another 
> machine (whilst retaining the logging to file).
> Does anyone have a recipe for this?
> Our current configuration is of the general form:
> [...]
> <Client fred.foo.bar>
>       Secret shhhhhh
>       DefaultRealm foo.bar
> </Client>
> [...]
> <Realm foo.bar>
>       AcctLogFileName filename
>       <AuthBy ......
>       </Authby>
> </Realm>

I would suggest something like this:

<Realm foo.bar>
        # Force all clauses to be executed
        AuthByPolicy ContinueAlways
        # Do our normal processing
        <AuthBy ....>
        # Set up a proxy for Accounting only
        <AuthBy RADIUS>
                Host ....
                Secret ....
        # Log accounting to local file
        AcctLogFileName  filename



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