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On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Aurelien Requiem wrote:
> Hello
> Ok 1st !
> I've got a problem with this hook.
> I'm using Pre andPostAuthHook like this
> PreAuthHook file:"/radiator/myfunc.pl"
> PostAuthHook file:"/radiator/func2.pl"
> But when i try to use 
> PreClientHook file:"/radiator/edna.pl"
> I've got an error message

Could you please post your configuration file (no secrets) and the debug output
at Trace level 4? I need to be able to see what is going on if I am to help

> I'm using the version 2.14.1
> Now 2nd
> I would like to know when i use a perl function
> how to distinguish event type and sub type
> accounting-request star / stop access-request ...
> I would like to know too what is the function that is
> called for each event (I think PreclientHook but i'm
> not sure)

When Radiator receives a radius packet, it is passed through a series of
functions: first through the PreClientHook (if defined), then through the
corresponding Client code, then through the appropriate Realm or Handler code.
If PreAuthHook or PostAuthHook are defined they will also be executed at the
relevant time.



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