Hi Mike,

I have just reinstalled Radmin 1.3. I dropped the radmin database and ran the
install from scratch, is there a procedure for upgrading Radmin when a new
release comes out?

The Total Time in hours, minutes and seconds on the Modem Usage Report is
good. As is the in/out traffic in Mb. 

On the Usage Summary page though we still have time in seconds and traffic in
bytes. Could we get these changed to be consistent with the Modem Usage
Report? Time in hours, minutes and seconds. Traffic in Mb.

Also could we get a button to show the Usage Summary sorted by Outgoing
traffic with logins with highest Outgoing Traffic at the top of the report.
This would then give me an easy report for seeing who has been chewing up more
than their fair share of my internet link.

Regards.   Paul

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