On Fri, Aug 13, 1999 at 04:46:16AM +0000, Paul Black wrote:
> I've almost got Radmin adding new users to my shadow password file. My perl is
> pretty basic. Following is the function being used to add the users.
> My first problem is that useradd is not working. How can I display the error
> message from useradd?

The useradd line doesn't seem to have a leading /, you should also check
out the syntax of your useradd program as they vary from OS to OS.

> The second problem is that chpasswd takes its input on STDIN. Is the code
> below (currently commented out) correct to do this?

You'll have to do something slightly different with chpasswd:

print CHANGEPASSWORD "$obj->{USERNAME}\:$obj-{PASS_WORD}\n";


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