I've got a very big problem. Radiator Crash and i probably know why
I can use it for about 1 minute sometime more sometime less.
I'm under a Sun (Solari 2.6) using the authby ldapsdk
When radiusd try to bind to my ldap server and when a timeout (maybe)
occurs, radiusd crash and i've got a very nice core dump. This only appears
when i got a timeout.

If somebody know why please answer me !

Here is my configuration and some additionnal notes

# radius.cfg
LogDir /var/log/radius
DbDir /usr/local/etc/radiator
Trace           4
PidFile %L/radiusd.pid
AuthPort 1645
AcctPort 1646
LogFile %L/radius.log
DictionaryFile /usr/local/etc/radiator/dictionary

#i use this module to :    * exchange 2 parameters because i authenticate
#                                     onto the phone number and password
#                                  * To add 1 entry into the ldap (I know it
isn't a good idea but i must)
#                                     at accounting start
#                                  * To delete 1 entry at accounting stop
PreClientHook file:"/usr/local/etc/radiator/accessldap.pl"

<Client localhost>
        Secret xxxxxx
        DupInterval 0
        NasType Cisco

        AcctLogFileName %L/detail
        WtmpFileName %L/wtmp
        <AuthBy LDAPSDK>
                Port            389
                AuthDN          cn=Directory Manager
                AuthPassword    password
                BaseDN          o=servicesusers
                UsernameAttr    wapusermsisdn
                PasswordAttr    wapuserpassword

Into my perl module all connections are correctly closed !

Thanks a lot to answer me

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