Everything is working. But,

I want to enforce MaxSessions 1 for all users

Can someone run a critical eye over it?

Where does MaxSessions 1 go?

I have two NAS - Ascend and Bay4000. How do I get them both checked - with

Is DupInterval 0 for Client DEFAULT right?

David Booth
Goulburn Internet

Here is my radius.cfg:

LogDir          /var/log/radius
DbDir           .
Trace   4

<Client DEFAULT>
        Secret  XXXXX
        DupInterval 0

        AcctLogFileName /var/log/radius/detail
        PasswordLogFileName /var/log/radius/passwords
        AuthByPolicy    ContinueWhileAccept
        <AuthBy FILE>
                Filename /var/log/radius/users
        <AuthBy SQL>
                DBSource dbi:mysql:host=XXXXX;database=XXXXX
                DBUsername XXXXX
                DBAuth XXXXX
                AuthSelect SELECT password FROM RealNames WHERE username =

                AccountingTable logdata

                AcctColumnDef status,Acct-Status-Type
                AcctColumnDef nas_ip,NAS-IP-Address
                AcctColumnDef username,User-Name
                AcctColumnDef tstamp,Timestamp,formatted-date,'%Y-%m-%e
                AcctColumnDef bytes_in,Acct-Input-Octets,integer
                AcctColumnDef bytes_out,Acct-Output-Octets,integer
                AcctColumnDef sessionlength,Acct-Session-Time,integer
                AcctColumnDef ipaddr,Framed-IP-Address


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