Congratulations; it is now impossible to share Christian  Post articles
with friends or with the discussion group I have been belonged  to
since 2004. Instead of being able to copy and paste onto an e-mail
all that is now possible is to see a footer after going to the  trouble
of copying.
I tried to send an e-mail to myself to see if the article might be  
that way, but after jumping through all the hoops there was  nothing.
Nor can I save your articles any more for future reference in my  research
for articles I might write. And in case you may think, "well, all that  is
necessary is to access a back issue of CP," all I can say is that  such
a viewpoint is based on ignorance of how scholars work. It is a royal
pain in the neck to look up back issues  -which may or may not
have the article accessible- and far simpler to access an article
stored in e-mail format.
Well, I guess CP isn't much interested any more in sharing Christian  news
with anyone now that you have installed a snazzy new dysfunctional  format.
Not only this, but you will surely ignore this feedback since you can't  be
bothered with anyone's comments that don't agree with format choice.
I never thought that I would end up with such a negative view of Christian  
Billy Rojas
Eugene, Oregon

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