A great list from Mike:
> 1. Big Platforms
> In that respect, I suspect that we'd need massive structural changes. I'm 
> thinking:
> a) abundant and free education and training
> b) a robust safety net for the temporarily unemployed (workfare on steroids) 
> c) female and minority-targeted STEM programs
> d) income-based affirmative action
> e) block grants to states for public boarding schools
> f) a job guarantee program (with the federal government as the Employer of 
> Last Resort for temporary projects)
> g) Golden Rule budgeting (balanced budgets over an economic cycle, with a 
> clear exception for infrastructure). This would prioritize investment, 
> infrastructure and R&D spending over entitlements and temporary stimulus 
> spending

The only caveat is that I’d make it “STEAM” instead of STEM, with “A” for Art.  
The future of manufacturing is mass customization, which requires creativity 
rather than compliance.

— Ernie P.

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