Although I think I understand your sentiments, Re: Satan,

be advised that you have no idea how real Satan is in my world,

painfully real, literally real, beyond the least doubt.   For me every day

is part of a war against Satan.

Regardless, you are correct that we all are sinners, we all share in evil

to some extent, at times to great extent.  No question about that, either.

What I object to is how Evangelicals  -not only charismatics-  sometimes

tie themselves into knots of guilt feelings, in the process failing

to confront very real evil in the world because they are so busy scourging

themselves as if they were flagellants. Osteen is a master at this,

but there are plenty of others who do likewise. And we know

how "effective" Osteen is in taking a stand against social evils,

LOL, ROTFUL, etc, I mean, he is  a bad joke.

But I'm not coming from Charismatic Christianity into the fray.

My cues almost all derive from undiluted Martin Luther,

his own words (in English translation), filled with candid remarks,

occasional vulgarities, strategic cussing, and earthy sentiments.

Christianity for truck drivers and construction workers, as it were.

I thrive on Martin Luther.

For me its all about launching a new crusade, about fighting spirit,

backbone, and willingness to endure the inevitable reaction

even if this cannot be easy in any sense of the term.

Not your style at all.  But that's OK, what is crucial is standing up against 

whatever forms it takes.



From: Centroids <>
Sent: Sunday, February 4, 2018 10:06 PM
Cc: Billy Rojas
Subject: Re: [RC] Defining Evil Re: Reflections on Reality

Hi Billy,

I mean, Ernie,  the text could not possibly be more clear.

Oh, I fully believe in evil. As a charismatic I probably believe in Satan more 
than you do. :-)

But I also believe that the Bible teaches *we* are evil. And that to defeat the 
Hitlers and Putin’s and Trumps of the world we need to understand how we are 
like them.

I don’t see how the New Testament could be any clearer on this point...



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