Every college and church should become a Grant Study. If they really care about 
creating Good Lives. 

“Triumphs of Experience

What makes a good life? Most people would just speculate, cite one-off 
examples, perhaps reference a personal religious doctrine — or just shrug. But 
shouldn’t we have at least some scientific answers to this question by now?

Actually, we do.

The Grant Study has followed a group of men for their entire adult lives. It 
has tracked them for over 75 years. What factors make for a good life? How does 
personality, marriage, children, career, friends and lifestyle contribute to 
fulfillment over the course of decades?

Most studies last weeks or months. The Grant Study is still going on. It’s one 
of the most illuminating glimpses into what makes life meaningful.

Check it out here.”
—7 Surprising Books That Will Make Your Life Better
(Barking Up The Wrong Tree)


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