Robm1955 wrote: 
> Don't if I've done something or what, but something's changed. When I
> switch on my radio, whatever I was listening to last, starts playing
> automatically, where it didn't before. Also, when I select an file to
> listen to, whether it's a radio show, or one of my own mp3's, another
> menu pops up, Add to End, Play Next, Play this song, and Play all songs.
> I've looked in the settings, but can't see where I change this. I used
> to just select the file with the > key on my remote, and it would play
> automatically, regardless of what was already playing.
> Just added a folder of mp3's to my music folder. Now when I go into my
> music folder, everything's listed, but when I try to select a
> folder/file from the radio, everything I have on my drive, is no longer
> visible on the radio, but it is on the web control, and I can select a
> file?

Your fist question: You may've changed a setting at LMS > Settings >
Player > Audio?

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