I think that are 4 main suppliers of lists of internet radio stations
that are used by various radio devices. Logitech uses TuneIn (ex
RadioTime). Others are vTuner, Reciva (now owned by Qualcomm) and
Frontier Silicon - could also argue that Shoutcast/Icecast are as well
but only for stations using their systems and most of their popular
stations are listed in the other platforms anyway.

I have (in the past) been an active maintainer of station lists on
TuneIn and Reciva and, in my experience, they have a very similar set.
It was rare to find a station on one that was not on the other.
In any case, all of the platforms have a way to submit missing stations
for inclusion. Whether or not the station is included depends on whether
or not a reliable and disable streaming URL can be found and how active
their station maintainers are.

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