jeep96 wrote: 
> My squeezebox boom is working as I have several apps that I listen too..
> However, on my computer, on My account, when I click on
> players, it shows that there are none listed?   How do I list my
> squeezebox and any additional players I might get under the players
> tab??:confused::

I assume you have Logitech Media Server installed on your computer?  If
so you need never connect your Boom to, except when you
wish to turn your computer off. You would then be unable to play your
local music files. 

If you do wish to connect to, and see your Boom listed on, press and hold the back button for a few seconds until
it bumps, then scroll to "connect to".


LMS on Raspberry Pi 3/max2play/HiFiBerry DAC+ > AVI DM5

1 x SB3 - 1 x Boom - 1 x (Squeezebox) Radio - 2 x Touch - 2 x Raspberry
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