Shadow wrote: 
> Thanks for the feedback.

The main purpiose of the proof of concept was to show that 
1. You stated that URL did not work using http - this is wrong or you
misunderstood my suggestion.
2. the statement by mherger about using http instead of https  "that's
default behaviour (and has been so for years). But more and more 
offerings insist in using https." is clearly not working in this case.

My proof of concept was to show that by replacing https by http for
podcasts - it is likely that many podcasts will still play.

> bpa, does your proof of concept "hack" require LMS or does it work with
> the SB Radio only?
My hackj is needed I don't understand why current LMS behaviour as
expected by Michael  (replace https by http) does not work.

It is likely this hack will not work for all podcasts.
1. If you are using SB Radio with then hack or similar has to
be implemented in 
2. If you are using Touch with its inbuilt LMS - then it should be
possible to issue a patch for this specific issue.
3. If you are using an SB Player with latest LMS 7.9 in a local server -
then you don't need the hack as I think the LMS will handle https
(probably via proxied satreamign) 
4. This hack is needed if you want to use 7.9 with direct play of
streams which are indicated to be https
5. This hack is needed to work with LMS 7.8.*

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