I have a UE smart radio and  would like to be able to add custom radio
URLs and everything I have found online suggested using the Squeezebox
OS to do this so I followed the instructions to install it and it
appeared to work but after connecting to my WiFi I am never prompted to
connected to the Mysqueezbox.com site where I have registered an
account. If I go to My Apps or Favourites I get "An error has occurred
with your account. Please try factory resetting your player." exactly
like this
Factory resetting or reinstalling the firmware does not help. 

Network diags are passed (can reach mysqueezbox.com etc.) and if I play
a station manually it works okay. I just can't connect all my favourites
with the TuneIn app etc. because I can't link it to mysqueezebox. It is
running 7.7.3 r16676.

Any ideas how to fix this or if not is it possible to roll back to to
the Logitech UE OS?



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