Hi Everyone,

Five.Good.Friends. (https://www.fivegoodfriends.com.au) is a new end-to-end 
service that helps ageing Australians stay at home to continue living the life 
they love. Our helpers provide a range of services including domestic care, 
companionship, and yard maintenace while our engineers build the software that 
makes delivery of these services transparent, flexible, and efficient. We are 
already delivering these services to paying customers. We are lead by a 
seasoned team, have funding to scale our operation, and are expecting 
substantial growth in the coming year.

As an engineer at Five.Good.Friends. you’ll be helping lift the aged care 
sector out of crisis by building innovative software that bridges services 
between the ageing, their families, and passionate helpers. You should be 
someone who thrives on autonomy, problem solves with the team, and seeks out 
the bigger picture for every line of code you write. If you are willing, there 
is an opportunity to learn iOS development, modelling with events, and 
automating systems with Ansible.

To that end, we are looking for a Rails Software Engineer to join our team. 
Depending on preferences you will contribute to building our consumer facing 
application, or automating our back-office operations. Our stack consists of a 
single Rails application, PostgreSQL, Redis, and StatsD. You should be 
comfortable using Rails for what it’s good for, but deviating where it makes 

Our team is small, focused, and prides itself on sustainably delivering working 
software. We have an open dialogue with stake holders, maintain a single 
backlog of work in GitHub issues, and communicate via Slack. We recognise that 
our processes are always a work-in-progress and strive to better ourselves.

# Responsibilities

* Contributing to our product and its associated business model.
* Designing, building, testing, and delivering high quality, working software.
* Building internal tools to keep our operation running smoothly.
* Promoting a safe and sustainable working environment.

# Requirements

* Willing to learn and be responsive to the aged care sector, ageing 
Australians, and their families.
* Taking features and bug fixes from concept through to production. You will 
sniff out the real requirements, understand design trade offs, deploy it to 
production, and monitor it with metrics.
* Comfortable using Ruby and relational databases to model concepts with object 
oriented design.
* Comfortable using JavaScript to enhance interactions with components, not 
necessarily React.
* Production experience maintaining a medium to large Rails codebase. You 
should be able to tell us what you love about Rails, and what you don't. Maybe 
you're "post-Rails" and we can still convince you of its merit in our context?
* Working knowledge of at least one other programming language. You should be 
able to convince us of its utility, but caution us where it might be painful.
* You work better in a team and believe in the collective ownership of code. 
You are comfortable reviewing code and having your code reviewed.
* You write unit tests to guide your code and integration tests to ensure 
everything works together.
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
* Fluent English.

# Desirables

If you have any of these things, great. If not, we are willing to teach if you 
are willing to learn.

* Instrumenting and analysing metrics with StatsD.
* Integrating with 3rd party APIs. You know how to protect an application from 
a flaky network or handle an unexpected payload.
* Designing for distributed environments where you may not be able to rely on 
the server's clock or the ordering of events.
* Automating systems with Ansible.
* Working knowledge developing apps for iOS or Android.

# Benefits

Depending on skills and experience we are prepared to offer:

* A salary between $90,000 and $130,000 + Super.
* Laptop of your choosing.
* Flexible and sustainable working environment.
* Direct line of sight to product outcomes.
* Extra vacation over time.

# Location (Remote is OK)

We've got an office in Brisbane, but you can work from anywhere in Australia. 
If you work remotely we will occasionally fly you to Brisbane.

# How To Apply

Send an email with your resume to engineering-t...@fivegoodfriends.com.au.

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