Sat, Jan 27, 2018 at 12:15:11PM -0500, Doug Hughes:
> Further oddness:
> [rancid@services bin]$ ls -l hpuifilter
> -rwxr-xr-x 1 rancid rancid 26908 Jan 27 10:53 hpuifilter
> [rancid@services bin]$ ls -l ../download/rancid-3.7/bin/hpuifilter
> -rwxrwxr-x 1 rancid rancid 27068 Jan 27 10:51
> ../download/rancid-3.7/bin/hpuifilter
> so, the one in the bin directory after make install has a more recent
> timestamp.. Makes sense..
> but if I run gdb on the one in the download directory, it doesn't core
> dump and seems to work fine.
> Does make install do something funky to the one in the bin directory?

sorry for the delay; been very busy.

it might affect the timestamp, but not the size, unless your install is 
symbols or it was using libtool. rancid does not use libtool.  you can test the
strip premise by removing -s from install in bin/Makefile:

INSTALL_STRIP_PROGRAM = $(install_sh) -c -s

It is possible that your environment has something else that alters the elf
header, eg: set lib search paths.  160b is a small difference; so perhaps.

> I copied the build version from the build directory into my bin
> directory and no more problems with hlogin or hpuifilter.
> I wasn't getting very far with gdb.. clearly there's an overwrite in
> there somewhere, but I wasn't able to easily setup breakpoints
> sufficient to catch it. "Debugging with stdin and terminal response is
> hard."

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