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> Carl and Alan,
> I need some advice from old salts about how to demonstrate radio astronomy 
> observing techniques to new graduate students. 
> We are paying some attention to the  6m  telescope on the roof of the EE 
> building at  Caltech  and are trying to make it into  a good teaching 
> instrument.  The front-end covers 1.3 to 1.7 GHz with about 100K Tsys on two 
> linear  polarizations and we recently installed a Roach 1 spectrometer with 
> two 500 MHz bandwidth channels  and 60 kHz resolution. There is much RFI and 
> a lesson we want to teach is how to work around it. 
> Our weakest link is the software to integrate telescope pointing with 
> receiver output.  We are working on developing a convenient system   but I 
> wonder if it already exists on other  small telescopes.  Do you have any 
> suggestions for integrated telescope and  data taking  control system we 
> should look  at?
> A second  topic  is  what to observe with the  telescope as educational 
> demonstrations.    We can certainly map galactic hydrogen and  look at  the 
> stronger continuum sources.  The spectrometer can cross correlate the two 
> linear polarizations and we could get into polarization measurements. Do you 
> have suggestion  for observations? 
> I would like to observe OH  (again, since I have not observed it or followed 
> what has  been done since 1963 !).   Where is a good summary of the 
> observations?   I think  our 60 KHz resolution is too  broad and we will need 
> to improve it by a factor of 10 or more. 
> Sandy

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