we are proud to announce that we've just released RAUC v0.4:


Beside a few fixes, this version provides some useful new features such as atomic bootloader updates for eMMC, a central storage location for the RAUC system status information and experimental support for using RAUC with the casync chunking tool for delta updates over the network.

Find more details in the full changes list below.

Best regards and happy (and robust) updating,

The RAUC Team



Release 0.4 (released Apr 9, 2018)


- Add `barebox-statename` key to `[system]` section of system.conf in order to allow using non-default names for barebox state - Support atomic bootloader updates for eMMCs. The newly introduced slot type `boot-emmc` will tell RAUC to handle bootloader updates on eMMC by using the `mmcblkXboot0/-boot1` partitions and the EXT\_CSD registers for alternating updates.
- Support writing `*.vfat` images to vfat slots
- Add basic support for streaming bundles using casync tool. Using the casync tool allows streaming bundle updates chunk-wise over http/https/sftp etc. By using the source slot as a seed for the reproducible casync chunking algorithm, the actual chunks to download get reduced to only those that differ from the original system. - Add `rauc convert` command to convert conventional bundles to casync bundle and chunk store - Extend update handler to handle `.caibx` and `.caidx` suffix image types in bundle - Added `--detailed` argument to `rauc status` to obtain newly added slot status information - Added D-Bus Methods `GetSlotStatus` to obtain collected status of all slots - Extended information stored in slot status files (installed bundle info, installation and activation timestamps and counters) - Optionally use a central status file located in a storage location not touched during RAUC updates instead of per-slot files (enabled by setting `statusfile` key in `[system]` section of `system.conf`). - Add `write-slot` command to write images directly to defined slots (for use during development)

**Bug fixes**

- Fix documentation out-of-tree builds
- Fixed packaging for dbus wrapper script rauc-service.sh
- Some double-free and error handling fixes


- Create uncrustify report during Travis run


- Unified hash table iteration and variable usage
- Add uncrustify code style configuration checker script to gain consistent coding style. Committed changes revealed by initial run.


- Updated and extended D-Bus interface documentation
- Added documentation for newly added features (casync, central slot status, etc.)
- Fixed and extended Yocto (meta-rauc) integration documentation
- Add link to IRC/Matrix channel
- Some minor spelling errors fixed

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