Hi Michael,

On 2/21/19 8:14 AM, Michael Seidel wrote:

while trying to build my bundle I stuck at an error.

“bundle.raucb changed size while reading filesystem, attempting to re-read”

The raucb file indeed does grow and shrink in size all the time but the build never finishes.

mksquashfs uses 100% of the CPU.

If I remove the rootfs slot from the manifest the build works just fine. The rootfs slot is an ext4 image with ~1,2GB.

I have no further idea of the right approach to fix the problem. Any ideas?

I fear you run into https://github.com/rauc/rauc/issues/21. Could you verify 

This should have been fixed already, but obviously isn't. Thus moving the bundle destination path out of the bundle source directory should fix it.

And we definitely need an upstream check for this to prevent placing bundle into content dir accidentally.

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